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The harbour and its famous Wall


Artists' promenade

Albissola, home of ceramics

Artisan masters since more than 500 years


Sports on land and sea


And the prehistory prince

Pertini's Stella

Patrizio visits the town where President Sandro Pertini was born

Marina di Andora

A public harbour with social significance

Marina di Loano

Syusy tests the moorings of Loano


The fifth maritime republic


Walking through the history...

Savona: tourist harbour

A little jewel since Middle Age

Savona: Stazione Marittima

Il polo mercantile e culturale del Palacrociere

Savona slices and focaccias

Tasting local street food


A place of mysteries

The Cetacean Sanctuary

Sighting whales in the Ligurian Sea

Marina di Loano

Log book

Syusy visits Loano harbour, managed by the firm called Marina di Loano. Over the years – since 1993 – the area has been enlarged to take more boats, but a smaller harbour existed before with 500 boat places. At the end of the work in progress, it will even be able to take 1300 boats. The mooring assistant that accompanies Syusy explains that the harbour has everything a sailor needs, from a garage to photovoltaic panels. There is also a shipyard, which is the shape of a recumbent whale, and a control tower.

What is the strangest thing present in the harbour? Although the harbour is technologically advanced, it is curious to discover that a part of a quay used by the old fishermen still exists. A very rare thing!

To enter the west harbour it is necessary to follow the shipyard, while if you arrive from the east you take as your reference point the yellow cathedral to identify the entry.

Marina di Loano S.p.a.: Tel. 019 675 445, email:

Harbourmaster’s office: Tel. 019 666 131

  • Indicative number of boat places: 450
  • Maximum hull length: 40 metres
  • Water: yes
  • Fire protection: yes
  • Electric energy: yes
  • Crane: yes
  • Fuel pump: yes
  • Various repairs: yes
  • Towing: yes
  • Toilets: yes
  • Weather services: yes
  • Travel lift: yes
  • Access to the harbour: call the management of the harbour on vhf channel 9
  • Access times: 24/7
  • Seabed: sandy
  • Maximum depth: north wind, south-west and sirocco
  • Radio contact: vhf channel 9


The harbour provides the following services:

  • Financial services - ATM
  • Maritime bureaucratic services
  • Laundromat
  • Fishing articles
  • Bilge disposal
  • Short-stay car park
  • Long-stay car park
  • Post
  • Broker services
  • Pharmacy
  • Assistance for disabled people
  • Services for animals


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